New Juicer Success

My husband bought me a Nutri Ninja Auto IQ from Costco after we learned that our beloved Naked Juice was full of sugar.  I had found right-sized, absolutely no-leak Anime-ish thermoses on Amazon that we can fill with fresh-ingredient concoctions so we felt ready to make the switch.  The instruction manual for the Ninja was not designed for someone with a brain injury and I came very close to packing it back into its box before I grasped its basic design/function concept.   My husband didn’t understand its engineering  either so I will share for anyone else new to this machine that the ingredients go in the bottom, the opposite of a typical blender.  The accessories all attach upside down.  Hot substances cannot be processed in the machine so we are stuck with our blender and precious little counter space.

Our first smoothie attempt mixed fresh and frozen fruit, greens and coconut water.  The Ninja made our blender’s performance look laughable.  It is very loud, but fast and effective.  Anya made a milk based fresh-only smoothie later in the day and Connor asked me to duplicate it for him after dinner.  So the verdict on the Ninja is positive (though I have to admit that I don’t care for its aesthetic) and I have discovered two unexpected benefits to its presence in my kitchen: One, it provides a vehicle with which to get milk into Connor and Finn; Two, it motivates the kids to use fruit that is a day from being vanquished to the compost.  As expected, it also provides a nice change from kale chips for our garden’s cool weather greens.  Thumbs up.


Berry n’ Greens Refresher




⅓ c frozen raspberries

⅓ c frozen blueberries

⅓ c strawberries, halved

1 medium banana, sliced

5 baby kale sprigs and 5 baby spinach leaves

1 ½ c coconut water


Regular, 24 oz cup should be filled with fresh fruit first, then greens, then coconut water and finally frozen fruit.  Secure base and invert, attaching to motor.  Press start and let blend for 30 seconds. Can be divided into 3 >8 oz servings.



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