Nasturtiums in January

We had no nasturtiums in the garden this year  and I am lamenting the loss.  So much so that I am going to plant seeds in a tray and use Gene’s grow lamp to enjoy nasturtiums this winter.  I want flowers in my kids’ bento boxes!.  Nasturtiums taste like pepper and what a surprise to find a flower in your lunch box in January.

I feel like I was unaware that we even had a garden for most of the summer and just now, post-freeze, have taken an interest.  In a normal season, my husband is in charge of the edibles and I oversee the aesthetic.  The nasturtiums fell into both categories but were overlooked this year.  If it hadn’t been for my fundraiser for Buntport Theater (I am on the Board of Trustees) we may have ignored the garden entirely.  I had to place our plant order from the hospital and could not manage the phone let alone a computer.  My charge nurse took pity on me and faxed my totals to the nursery.  My family and the laborers I had working for me on the weekends handled the delivery and distribution of the plants the Friday before Mother’s Day and I fielded questions over the phone.  Somehow we ended up with flowers for our pots and herbs and vegetables for the garden.  And we raised $1000 for the theater company. A small miracle not unlike nasturtiums in the winter.

The boys are at Grandma’s tonight, but Anya felt ill and came home.  I am going to make her pink heart sushi tomorrow.  She was in first grade the last time I made it and instructions came from a random library book so it may pose a challenge.  I see my neurosurgeon tomorrow who will most likely stand by his rather dire prognosis, so I may need a fun challenge to take my mind off the visit.  If only mastering the art of heart shaped sushi was valued by potential employers.


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