Pink Hearts Sushi

I made sushi rice before bed last night in the rice cooker so that I could make heart shaped sushi first thing for Anya.  (The boys won’t be home until mid-morning, so theirs will be lunch)  Anya didn’t feel well yesterday and missed a sleepover at Grandma’s.  She had no appetite for lunch or dinner yesterday so I am betting she wakes up hungry.  Anya is an early riser and I wanted to surprise her with the hearts that I hadn’t made since she was small so I was rolling a sushi mat at 5 a.m. this morning.   I was concerned that the task would be challenging without instructions, but it was a piece of cake.  I garnished with pickled ginger which she loves and prepared wasabe and soy sauce in her small containers.  I am serving the sushi with edamame which is always fun and healthy.

Instructions for Heart-Shaped Sushi

You will need:

3 cups sushi rice

1 package nori

rice vinegar

red food coloring

bamboo sushi rolling mat

sharp serrated knife

Cook 3 cups sushi rice using rice cooker instructions.  After rice has cooled add 3 shakes rice vinegar and 3 squirts red food coloring to rice.  Mix until color is an even pink adding small amounts of water as needed to aid in the process,  Take out one sheet of nori and sprinkle lightly with water.  Place on rolling mat and spread  1/3 of prepared rice across entire sheet keeping thickness even.  Using your finger make an indention down the exact center of the nori, flattening rice.  Fold mat in half along the center of the nori.  Unfold and curl first one side, then the other to the center point, pressing firmly into a heart shape.  Remove  sushi from mat, pinch bottom  of heart to shape and slice into 3/4 ” rolls, cutting from one side, then the other to avoid misshapen halves.  Repeat three times.



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