Lunch Blox Bento Box

See “A Prescription for Bento”.  Creating bento boxes for my family is helping me to recover from a brain injury and connecting me with my kids.  School starts back up Monday so we will be reverting to a normal lunch schedule and a week’s worth of menu plans with most cooking/preparation done on Sunday.  Before we return to our busy schedule, I wanted to show the inexpensive lunch containers we found and use everyday.  In an earlier post, I shared a picture of our to-go chopsticks from Amazon.  Here’s the link:    I send homemade yogurt to school on a regular basis and have special skull spoons that travel as I have found that the boys take care not to throw them in the trash unlike when I have sent regular spoons.  I found a set of 20 for $10, but Amazon now has this listing:

This is the “bento box” kit that my husband picked up at Costco for $11.  I am unable to locate the same item online but as of 10/1/2016, our Costco still had them on the shelves.

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox kits have their own coolers, but we couldn’t wait for them to be shipped so we found this embark lunch cooler at Target for $7.99.  I am unable to find it online.  Our kitty cat thermos we purchased from Amazon in black and lime green and it lives up to its no-leak description.  It works for both cold and hot drinks and fits in our coolers.  Here’s the link:

As you can see, our lunch coolers still have room for a noodle bowl or ziplocked snack and are holding up well.  The cooler’s shape keeps the Lunch Blox in place so bento creations travel well and lunch boxes don’t come back with spilled food everywhere.


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