Making Candy in a Toilet

Anya’s candy

I  ordered Do It Yourself  candy kits from Japan for the kids, and months later they are finally here.  Instructions are all in Japanese, but my kids refused to google and relied on  pictures on the packaging, not unlike Ikea products..  Anya’s required the least deciphering and the primary purpose seemed to be to drink from a toilet (contents were bubbling) . Connor’s kit had familiar pictures; he set about making the mystery contents of his packages look like ramen and gyoza.  Poor Finn had what looked like a Japanese meal and interpreted one “instruction” as a directive to microwave what looked destined to be a sandwich bun.  I warned against it, and warned again that 5 minutes was way too long, but after less than 30 seconds his ingredients had exploded.

There was a lot of discussion between the boys about how to interpret unknown Japanese commands, plenty of  oddly informed opinions regarding the others candy recipe and a few under-the-breath comments about the ” mutter, mutter,…Japanese”. The process was painfully slow, but the boys were patient, even stopping to put the dog outside to protect their creations from accidental canine consumption.  The amount of edible candy product these kits produce is very small considering the effort they require.  Finn’s joy in discovering that he had made Ramune was the highlight of the night and a hint that maybe mom should surprise the kids with some actual Ramune tomorrow.  Does Sprouts carry Ramune?

Connor’s candy
Finn’s candy



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