Halloween Week Bento Menu


Healthy, Homemade, Halloween Bentos; Pause in Practice
Healthy, Homemade, Halloween Bentos; Pause in Practice
Bento Box Ideas For Halloween; Diary of a Concussion
Bento Boxes for Halloween’ Diary of a Concussion
When Time Flies; How My Perception of Time Gauges Memory and making Halloween Memories With Bento
When Time Flys; How My Perception of Time Gauges Memory and Making Halloween Memories With Bento
Brain Food
Halloween Bento Boxes
Halloween Bento Boxes


Having had a restful night and no lunches to prepare this morning, I am leaning towards making more items from scratch this week than I had originally planned.  Simple = Scary sounds good, but I have this opportunity to give my kids bento boxes without processed food, so I am going to try.  My husband is on the side of doing whatever costs less, so why not aim high.   If I find I cannot keep up, I can always send PB&J’s with fruit and No-Time Smoothies, so no one will starve.  I  also think I will employ a “cheater” muffin recipe that my kids adore and requires no effort as a compromise to the time factor.   In the same vein, I may utilize some familiar recipes that my kids have raved about, and present them with a different look.  This will save time and factor out uncertainty for a week where I really don’t want my kids to have substitutions.  I will also mention the time-saving alternative grocery items that can replace my homemade recipes because I am quite aware that no working parent has this kind of time for lunch.    I plan to prepare many items in advance on Sunday while my kids are on their Zombie Walk through the cemetery with Scouts and try to keep my daily cooking and assembly to under an hour for the most part.  I want the bento boxes to be a surprise, but expect lots of body parts and ghoulish creatures.  My goal is for every menu item to have a horrific twist culminating in a final frightening feast for Halloween Day, which is  next Monday, and an homage to Day of the Dead the following Tuesday.  Happy Haunted Bento!


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