When Time Flys; How My Perception of Time Gauges Memory and Making Halloween Memories With Bento

Am I the only person who sees the spontaneous making of cheese “brains” yesterday as evidence of a return to normal cognitive function?  Of course I followed that by forgetting a step in the making of dinner and couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong even though I repeat the recipe almost weekly.  Anyway, baby steps…

I have found meaningful activity, interim purpose and creative expression in the production of themed bento box lunches for my kids and subsequent commentary/reflections.

I believe that engaging in a pursuit that meets the above criteria results in improvement of post-concussive symptoms.  Specifically, I believe I have made progress in the areas of memory, word-finding, difficulty with organization, fatigue, focus, over-stimulation and depression, though I have yet to achieve complete resolution of any of these symptoms.

I am in testing mode; I act as if I do not have limitations and learn the hard way that I still do.  My battles, however have produced some small victories.  I have struggled to find a means by which to measure improvements in my memory.  Today, I realized that evidence can be found in my perception of the passage of time.  When I was first home from the skilled nursing facility, and up until I began making the kids’ bento boxes, time seemed to fly by, leaving me unable to explain my activities or how I had spent my day.  My short term memory was so bad, that I had no markers by which to identify and break up the hours that passed and would often wonder where the time had gone.  At present, however, time passage feels normal.  My day is broken up and punctuated by activities necessary to create lunches and at the end of the day, I can explain how I have spent my time.   I remember my bento box activities.  Thus, I have proof that my memory has improved since the advent of my bento box preoccupation.

My son, Finn is now associating meatballs with swimming days at school.  This was a happy accident on my part.  I did not remember his swimming schedule, but by coincidence and desire to feed my kids their favorite recipes, Finn is getting his favorite lunch on his special days.  Connecting with my kids via bento boxes happens even when my memory fails.  Positive action trumps personal limitation.

Meatball mummies, chocolate rats, grape “eyes” and pumpkin-carrot muffins fill today’s bento box.  Today’s Smoothie is Candy Corn Yogurt.


My kids raved about the Totoro meatball sandwich last week, so I included the same meatball recipe in two Halloween bento menus.  I even send some mummies with my husband for lunch, although his versions weren’t blessed with eyes.


Bento Box Ingredients: (Meatball Mummies) Easy Thyme Meatballs (see post 10/19 for recipe) Quick Roll Dough recipe and sliced black grapes. Karen’s magic Muffins (see post 10/23 for recipe)  Chocolate Rats (see post 10/23 Chocolate Frogs recipe) and sliced green and black grapes.


I included cookies from my Big Batch Pumpkin Patch recipe (10/23) and Costco squeeze organic applesauce for snacks.

Quick Roll Dough

2 pkg dry yeast

3/4 c warm water

1/2 c sugar

1 tsp salt

2 eggs

1/2 c butter, softened

4 c flour

Dissolve yeast in warm water.  Add sugar, salt, eggs and butter, and mix until smooth.   Add flour, 1 cup at a time, until dough is formed.  Knead dough and let rise until doubled.  Punch down dough and roll.  Cut into desired shapes and bake for 8-12 minutes at 400 degrees. (I cut dough into long strips and wrapped them around meatballs  and baked to make mummies)  Remaining dough, I made into “bones” for tomorrow’s lunch menu.


Candy Corn Yogurt Smoothie

3/4 c fresh papaya (had to use the rest)

3/4 c fresh pineapple

1 small banana

1 c coconut milk

1/2 c organic whole milk yogurt (see previous post for recipe)

2 Tbsp agave

Place ingredients in 24 oz Nutri Ninja cup and blend for 30 seconds.  Makes 3-8oz servings and a little extra to sample.


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