Before and After


I used to rearrange furniture and household objects on a regular basis.  It was the only way I could motivate myself to clean up.  I needed a fresh perspective, inspiration, a creative twist to liven up the doldrums of everyday household chores.  My husband never understood my process and used to complain.

I used to rearrange plants and flowers in my garden designs.  First on paper, then again, on site.  When I was in the groove I would be all-consumed with color and light and my imagination was boundless.  My clients knew their money was well spent.  I could ignore the frustration of my laborers as I asked them to start and stop and start over again.

We had to rearrange our lives on April 6, 2016.  My husband had to pick Anya up, cancel soccer practice and meet the EMT’s at the hospital.  Friends and family had to schedule meals to feed my family and deliver them to house or school.  Carpools had to be arranged to accommodate the schedules of three kids with activities.  Replacements had to be found to take over my professional obligations.  Money had to be borrowed to manage our finances.

The accident has rearranged my perspective.  We hand pick our facts to focus on the positive.   Any prognosis that denies hope is completely ignored.   Our attitude of “family first” and “all for the greater good” is a constant.  We pay no heed to poignant reminders and trust that this story is going to have a happy ending. We have rearranged a tragedy and by chance fostered a miracle.


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