Healthy, Homemade, Halloween Bentos; Pause in Practice

I censor my thoughts.  My posts are over-edited, limited to information I think it is wise to share.  I would like to be more open, but adding more details may distract from my point.  Or maybe it would clarify.  Impulsivity is characteristic of people recovering from a TBI, so I will pause before I publish.  And listen.  Maybe tomorrow.

Today I borrowed recipes and used leftovers, following my edict to simplify and avoid waste.  Homemade pizza, “Giant Eyes” and  spicy Fresh Farmer’s Cheese infused “Rats” are on the menu!  Today’s extraction is a Zombie Yogurt Smoothie.


Today’s bento box ingredients:  “Giant Eye” pizza (see “One Monster After Another for Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipe and “Smart kids Eat Bento” for Soprano Night Sunday Gravy) topped with uncured pepperoni, fresh mozzerella and a sliced green olive and served with organic white carrots, radishes and jalapenos from the garden; Quick Roll “bones” (see “Bento Boxes for Halloween; Diary of a Concussion”); Cheese “rats” (see “Brain Food” for Fresh Farmer’s Cheese recipe and this post; “Intestines” egg noodles (see “Halloween Bento Boxes” for recipe) with “blood” gravy (“Smart Kids Eat Bento”); and Cashew Butter Balls “bloody eyes” (see “How To Pack Love Into Your Kids’ Lunch” for recipe and “Bento Boxes for Halloween; Diary of a Concussion for vanilla bark and topping instructions)


Cheese “Rats”

1 c of Fresh Farmer’s Cheese Spread (see “Brain Food” for recipe)

1 c cream cheese

1 c chopped slivered almond

a few slivered almonds, unchopped

organic white carrots, unpeeled and thinly sliced

Mix  cheese spread and cream cheese and form into ovals. Roll cheese in almonds and shape nose.  Place two whole almond slivers where ears would be.  Attach carrot slice as tail.  Makes 8 rats.


Zombie Yogurt Smoothie

3 peeled and halved kiwis

1 c fresh honeydew melon (garden)

1 small banana

1/2 c green grapes

1/4 c baby kale (garden)

3/4 c organic whole milk yogurt (see “Yogurt Making For the Thinking Impaired”)

1/2 c coconut milk

1 Tbsp agave

Place all ingredients in 24 oz Nutri Ninja cup and blend for 30 seconds.  Pour into 3-8 oz black cat thermoses.


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