Her transformation was made possible because I am having trouble with 8th grade math.  The consequences of my accident are far reaching.

Anya’s symptoms came to light when my injuries prevented me from continuing to play doctor and counselor and tutor to my 13 year old daughter.  My efforts had put a band-aid on her troubles and left my husband completely unawares.  Anya suffered for it.  When I spoke of having failed her, she didn’t disagree.

Anya  stated clearly and repeatedly that she couldn’t concentrate at school. We explored various avenues, seeking assistance.  My husband and I were adamantly opposed to medication and we weren’t certain of a diagnosis.  I couldn’t accept that I wasn’t able to fix this.

We turned a corner when Anya let me off the hook. She gave me permission to fail at tutoring her from home; “You don’t have to be the one to teach me, Mom…” she said.  My surrender came in the form of a questionnaire and a new psychiatrist.  My husband, Anya and myself each rated Anya’s symptoms and the doctor spent almost two hours listening and asking questions.  A diagnosis was made. We filled the prescription.

The change has been overwhelming, the difference night and day.  My daughter no longer thinks she is stupid or unteachable.   She no longer suffers from low self-esteem.  We receive emails from teachers, telling us that Anya is now focused and engaged.  She is completing assignments at school and concluding work in advance of due dates.

Anya’s counselor now describes her as a happy child,  one who is motivated and energized and excited to learn.  Her depression is waning and she makes healthy choices.  Her creativity has no limits and she advocates for herself and her siblings. You can tell Anya feels beautiful by the way she carries herself and speaks her mind.

Anya’s transformation was made possible because I am having trouble with 8th grade math.   The miracles around my accident are far reaching.


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