6 Spookacular Halloween Bento Boxes; No time for housework, we’ve got to carve pumpkins!

Morning hours are too few and quickly spent; I’m bleeding time.  My prolific nature leads to chaos and my family needs order.  Today, my writing needs to be limited to a to-do list.  Happy Halloween?

Tomorrow, Day of the Dead theme, and homemade Mexican recipes the rest of the week.

Halloween is here!  We have of summary of our Halloween Week menus and today’s bento box featuring Terrifying Tacos, Fresh Farmer’s Cheese Rats, Cashew Butter Ball Tarantulas and Bloody Apple Bites.  Our extraction is a Goblin Blood Yogurt Smoothie.


Bento ingredients: Terrifying Tacos (organic blue corn taco shell with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream-black olive eyes ); Fresh Farmer’s Cheese Rats (see  Healthy, Homemade, Halloween Bentos; Pause in Practice); Bloody Apple Bites (1/4 honeycrisp apple, organic strawberry preserves, slivered almonds, strawberry); Witch Fingers (organic baby carrots, ranch dip and slivered almonds); Cashew Butter Ball Tarantula (see How to Pack Love Into Your Kids’ Lunch [Bento]a/k/a Miracle Cure for Traumatic Brain Injury [My Personal Experience])

Here are last week’s bento boxes. Click on the pictures below for title of post that contains recipes and instructions.

Raspberries added after filling thermoses.

Goblin Blood Yogurt Smoothie

2 Kiwis, peeled and sliced

1 c honeydew melon (garden)

1/2 c green grapes

1 medium banana

1/2 c coconut water

1/2 c organic whole milk yogurt (see “Yogurt Making for the Thinking Impaired”)

1 Tbsp Agave

1/2 c crushed raspberries

Place first 7 ingredients in 24 oz Nutri Ninja cup and blend.  Pour into 3-8oz thermoses.  Top with raspberry “blood”.


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