Too Tired to Write This (or Please Edit This For Me In Comments)



Nanuck doesn’t understand what is so interesting about a piece of string. His copycat game is endearing. We know he is jealous of our rescue-cat, but his good nature outweighs his covetousness (unless food in involved) Ever the gentleman, Nanuck waits, perplexed, as our new addition naps in his bed. Taking time from his backyard romp, Man’s Best Friend invites Kitty to play on his turf, prancing around his oblivious buddy. When our Feline Friend crosses the street without permission, Nanuck is first on the scene, herding Raven away from traffic, helping us to catch this bad example. Nanuck sets the bar high regarding cat behavior: Our Good Boy won’t tolerate claw sharpening on the rug or dashing from room to room in a crazed frenzy; He is quick to bark his disapproval when Raven uses teeth and claws to shred homework or the occasional stray check; Nanuck’s embarrassment at such bravado as he catches our black cat walking across the counters is obvious. Our malamute stands idly by as Raven swats at his tail and chases his dragging leash. He runs to our cat’s aid when the sound of a rejected hairball worries his kind heart. Nanuck has accepted his adopted sibling and comes running to “Here, kitty, kitty..” because Raven won’t. When my mother-in-law brought a new puppy over to the house , both pets acted out; Nanuck growled and whined and Raven stalked his prey. These unexpected brothers will not tolerate a new baby in the family. They have an implied understanding and a funny kind of love, but the O’Neill pets also have their limits.


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