My hiatus went on longer than expected as I found a true measure of progress and subsequently felt the need to solve my employment question rather than write.  Lunches continued but unaccompanied by photos or dialogue, I find they take much less time.  Employment requires more time and effort and continued progress and I am not finding such activities inspiring enough to move by leaps and bounds as I seemed to when the focus was bentos and blogging.  I believe it is these very activities that made the progress that trumped them possible so I am going to attempt a compromise to allow for creative time in between practical time.  When fine gardening was my career of choice it had a creative outlet built in and after twenty-some odd years I rather expect that from a vocation.  I am going to have to use creativity to find creativity in my current pursuit.  Perhaps this will help.  I have an idea for a children’s book that frustrates me because I want to illustrate it as well and that would require yet more time and practice. So lunches it is.  I actually created a really great recipe yesterday for gingerbread men that makes cookies that stay soft, but keeps their shape only I didn’t keep track or really measure much so it will have to be repeated before I share.  I probably won’t post about every lunch, just when inspired so that this effort does remain a compromise rather than a distraction.  Maybe I’ll just write a haiku for every bento box I deign to photograph. Hmm, veiled threat or great idea…


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